Sunday, October 01, 2006

Ah, October!

I'm going to try and lay off my computer so please be supportive of short posts. Last night I came home to an AMAZING care package from Karin: cereal bars, cookies, tea, gummy bears, veggie booty, soup, risotto, a card, and an SASE! My friends keep blowing me away.

1. It's 90 degrees here.
2. I finally moved a big table and hung a big sheet of paper and am working on stuff on the wall. And using my new homemade charcoal.
3. I want to hear cassava stories if anyone has any.
4. On Ellie's advice, I'm trying to ice my shoulder every hour (easy to do when it's so hot out). She's the one who finally verbalized the fact that I should not do so much computer crap b/c that hurts me, too.
5. It's been over a week and several showers and the tattoo Jami got me is still on my bicep.
6. I was born this month.
7. It's 90 degrees here and it's OCTOBER.

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