Monday, October 16, 2006

338 posts & 365 days later

Instead of being perched on the edge of my bed in a tiny studio apartment in Chicago, I'm sitting under a propane heater in my 750-square-foot studio in Nebraska. I've survived a three-year MFA program. I have all sorts of new friends. I'm a pretty good source when it comes to making paper brick walls. My hair is grown out and growing out. I'm close to putting on another big fall performance. Black Thought coming out of my speakers, two pots of milkweed and soda ash on the burners, abaca waiting in a bucket, first load of laundry in the dryer, rain threatening in the clouds. Life is good; I am clear and happy and thankful for all of it.

Last night, Chela & Anne made an amazing dinner (and I, shockingly, was able to control my portions. The only seconds I had were for ice cream. HA!). We played Clue (Shawn won), danced in the kitchen (WHOA, fun), and played music (Chela on Salvation Army trumpet, me on violin). Shawn had made a huge fire yesterday to burn lots of trash and deadwood, so we went outside and I played next to it while he fed it more wood. He said something that struck me deeply, about how the next stage for me is to figure out how to teach. That was extremely well-timed. I think I'll start slowly to think about it more.

Tonight: dinner in Lincoln w/Julie, Greg, Shawn, and Chela! I'm excited. Busy right now, but also feeling kinda lazy. For some reason, it always rains on my birthday. Not that I care, but it's funny. I felt like I could use a shovel for my inbox: full of birthday greetings!! The best part is that I have no phone, or I'd never get anything done today (also, I kind of hate when people call on my bday if that's their only excuse for getting in touch after a long time and then want to talk to me forEVER to catch up). So: thank you all for 1. today, 2. the entire past year of blogging, and 3. the whole time you've known me. Sketchbook: farmmade charcoal & beeswax. Music: Bjork, "All is Full of Love"


  1. ellie4:53 PM

    happy bday with a big red cherry on top!!!

    i made a dance to all is full of luv right before i left greenwich. back in the day.

    nesday ate an enitre pan of badly made brownies. i gave her hydrogen peroxide like i'm supposed to. she threw up 4 times. i started to cry when i saw she did this when i got hom. crying" why did you do this?"
    i don't knwo what it all means. but it should be you eating the brownines if they were better made on your bday!!!
    glad you are getting some love and feeling more sane!!!

  2. Happy 1 yr! Isn't it amazing being able to look back? The unexamined life is not worth living or something? Thanks for letting us examine yours.

    P.S. I saw Ellie's dance!! That whole concert literally made me cry, it was so good. I hope Nesday is feeling better now.

  3. oh, nesday!!! :(

    yay. thanks for the bday wishes and all. love and love and love.

  4. happy happy day, friend!!
    my wishes disappeared into web air... so here they are again!
    here's to another year filled with art-making, radical practices, the lullaby of life, and LOVE...
    you're the BEST!!


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