Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I forgot to say that last photo was shifu art (hanging off a milkweed stalk) that I made for my door in the farmhouse. I'll leave it there. After a ginormous pot of ramen, getting the pilot lit on the propane heater in my studio, and finishing the Flash book (even though I still can't get around the program to save my life, except that I know that F6 makes a new keyframe), I feel much better. I'm pretending it's like Jami never left and have started reading The Devil Wears Prada. I have come to terms with this: I will never be able to build my own website. I have to hire someone to fix mine PRONTO. At least I didn't waste lots of money on film before figuring this out (like I did years ago when I thought I should shoot my own slides).

So, if anyone has any leads, this is what I'm looking for:
1. A web designer who can take my Flash site that has only one freaking preloader, and fix it so it doesn't take a zillion years to load. Better yet, just code it all in HTML and then show me how to update it.
2. someone who will drive to Art Harvest and then drive me back to Chicago (haha!!! That's a little add-on...something I've been contemplating as I still don't have a flight out of Nebraska). This cannot be the same person who will drive w/me and all my crap from Chicago to NY (oooh! Another crazy plan).

Okay. I'm getting back on track.

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