Friday, September 15, 2006

Windy, dusty, sneezy

Yesterday was quite a day. Omaha makes a nice day trip; Jami drove Chela and me in the a.m. to thrift; Shawn drove in later. We had lunch in the part of town w/brick-cobbled streets and cute stores. I had an eclair when we were walking around. We regrouped at Bemis, where we met a few resident artists and great staff. What an amazing space! I got two scoops of homemade ice cream (root beer/cherry almond), yay. We wandered after Jami left early, got coffee (where I sugar overloaded as I helped Shawn w/his carrot cake) and then got in the car to visit Hot Shops, another huge artists' space. We bumped into a Bemis artist there at the Omaha Printmakers' Guild, and brought him along to a quick wine/cheese sit down and then Jami's reading.

The ride to Omaha was super sunny and I knit the whole way there. I have no idea what I'm doing, but it's going fast. My fingers still hurt, but not as badly as the last time. The ride back was dark, so I only did a little. I feel super inadequate b/c I can't drive stick, so maybe that will be another item on the TO DO list for life (the longer one, that I'm giving myself an entire lifetime to tick off).

Sadly, I couldn't sleep last night. I had no idea why, b/c the day was exhausting. It didn't help that I'm now plagued by the cricket from hell: it's living somewhere above me, is extremely loud, and doesn't chirp: it does a permanent test of the emergency broadcast system. SO loud, high-pitched, and unrelenting. I tried to read a little as a huge moth flailed around. When I finally got to sleep probably around 3am, I only got a few hours before an ENORMOUS storm broke. I had no idea it was coming. Kind of beautiful, thunder & lighting as the sun rose, but also incredibly loud. So I'm worn out, but there's a lot of work to be done.


  1. What good progress! I've tried knitting paper (linen, and crepe paper) and it was tough. There's no give at all and it's hard to pull the strands through each other. Car rides are good for knitting, though some people think it's dangerous. It has certainly helped me to ignore bad driving.

    I sent your package.

  2. cornelius would go to town in your room, eating moths and crickets and making everything nice and peaceful for you. i should rent her out as pest control...
    how do you make nebraska look so interesting?

  3. you probably know that crickets are supposed to be messengers of extremely good luck, though. When I was young I had a collection of cricket cages, but I never had the cricket to go in them ~ if only I had them still, you could put them to good use!

  4. HA!! that's a good one. if that's true, then this entire farm is blessed, blessed, forever blessed.

    i don't think i make it look interesting - i think that we all suffer from "grass is greener" - i think that riding acela trains, hanging w/pets, and walking on concrete are all extremely exciting things (though my back hurt after a day in the city - from pounding the pavement! amazing).


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