Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Time flies once you hit a groove

Wow. The hours are now so, so precious to me. Everyone has left from my dinner party tonight; Shawn had suggested a stripping/scraping party for me to get help coring the milkweek stalks, so I left a scrawled invite at the farmhouse this a.m. when everyone was out: dinner & more apple cobbler/crisp for scraping. I don't even know what I did all day...but these are the remnants. We worked a lot, it seems, and my arms are sore, but I think I still have half the batch of milkweed left to do (I have to split the stalks and scrape out the inner core, which I DON'T want for papermaking).

I finished this set of postcards yesterday in the car ride to Lincoln: trip/journey maps, thinking about borders/boundaries, and reconstituted words. I'm trying to put all the pieces together of what I've been doing and streamline it so that I get everything done and feel good about it, instead of just flailing around and feeling like I started a million projects and nothing got finished. I started having more visions of the performance last night in the car, so that felt good.

In that vein, I finished up knitting whatever it was I was knitting today: a halter top. HAHAA!!! I'll try and model it soon and have someone take a picture. It's pretty ridiculous and not practical, but still enormously satisfying. I even did a little tiny scoop in the back. I had to go online again to look at the binding off video Tam sent me a while back b/c I forgot again. I tend to always decrease to one stitch so that binding off is usually not even an issue. P.S.: Tam sent me the most AMAZING package today!!! AAAAHHHHHHHHHGGGG! The best treats ever - really decadent cupcakes. I can't even explain; they're so good.

The mosquitoes are still alive (I wouldn't be surprised if they still get me to my last day here). But I managed to get a few more potatoes, beans, and pickling cucumbers in the morning. I also checked out the walnut trees, which aren't quite ready for harvesting. They'll go from green to black, and that's when I can get them. So I made another apple dessert today, along w/leftovers & beans (dried in the pods on the trellis, then boiled/soaked, and then baked), and a potato concoction. Of course, I did this all in a frenzy before 5pm, so mostly things were cold by 8pm dinner. Whoops. I'm very tired, accounting for my poor blogging skills tonight. Updates: I am sore from harvesting (yay!). The electric heating pad, which I use in between my quilt & duvet, rocks.


  1. I really need to get on the working on my art train. That's my goal for this morning. I will try to let some of your hard working habits rub off on me.

  2. Did you ever think you'd be harvesting?

  3. i knew i would HAVE to eventually, but i put it off for as long as possible.

    now i know why...


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