Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Starry; cold

I feel ridiculous for posting these now. Tonight is so beautiful, in that breathtaking nighttime way, so posting all this food and plant matter seems silly. But this is my milkweed after it was steamed (there was a pot the same size as this one on top of it that acted as a lid). It's really clear tonight = millions of stars = it's going to be really cold tonight b/c clear = no clouds = nothing to trap heat in. Ed showed me how to look at a star, shift my focus to its side, and then you see all these other stars you couldn't otherwise. It's AMAZING, to be able to shift one sense w/the same sense and heighten it.

Beans, beans, beans. Self-explanatory. I'm in a whole new phase now here, feeling like there is just too much to do. It's going to be interesting how it all pans out. I'm going to harvest walnuts to make walnut dye for my paper, as well as to see if I can roast, crack, and eat them. I'll also use clay here to add to paper and see how that goes. Seeing Julie and her husband Greg tonight was great. She looks exactly the same! But is doing so well. Not that she wasn't 10 years ago, but she was still in high school then. We had Indian food, and then went to a tea place. I'm excited to be able to see them again while I'm here, whether they come out here or I go out there (plus, there are rumors of three good Korean restaurants in Omaha. Who would've thunk??).

The baked apple concoction. Hit the spot perfectly. I'm listening to the Rachmaninoff Vespers. If it wasn't scary cold out, I'd star gaze on the roof. I'm going to do a few more things in the studio as I let the heated mattress pad warm up.


  1. update: i still want your life.

  2. ellie8:23 PM

    you sound happier and thank you for the blue hanging things i will put them all over the house and think of you... :)


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