Wednesday, September 13, 2006

"So you like torturing yourself"

My editor sent me a rough cut of my thesis video, and I got some feed back from people here, which led to me talking for two hours to Shawn about my artwork, which led to me pulling out patch of knitted paper, which made me realize I needed to do more. And I had promised that I wouldn't! But he picked up on my masochism pretty quickly - I'm the one transcribing a book, right? After I told myself five years ago that I'd never do that again, right? Go figure.

I RAN to the farmhouse yesterday when Chela said that I had a package waiting for me: Justin's new album! WOHOOOO!! Today's also Ellie's birthday. I stayed up last night trying to work but my eyes gave out, so I let myself sleep in today, skip yoga, and just go straight to video edits. I started to draw and write and scribble frantically, b/c I reached another manic point: I feel like there is WAY too much that I need to get done here, and of course there isn't enough time. AARRRGH. I had to talk myself down last night, out loud, under the covers, b/c I was going into turbo worrying mode.

Right now, I'm just overheating (WEATHER, give me something to work with, please!), taking homeopathic allergy meds like crazy (thanks, Ellie!), and trying to rip through work so I can justify tomorrow's trip to see Jami read in Omaha. Oh, and hilarious news: an old music camp friend (have not seen her in over ten years) lives in Lincoln!! Lincoln seems to be the place that people I haven't seen in years live.

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  1. Today is Ellie's b-day? Happy birthday Ellie!


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