Friday, September 22, 2006

shhh; it's late...

I meant in the last post to say prairie MADNESS. That's the official term.

I'm very tired now and finally ready for bed. I got crazy and finally struck out for the farmhouse after the heavy rain subsided, where Jami made me popcorn and fed me chocolate and we did a little yoga and I got to look at all her clothing purchases while reading her magazines. Very comforting. I stayed until almost midnight (after being very rude and talking to Shawn in the kitchen when he got home from Lincoln, which kept Jami up. See? It's good that I don't live w/anyone), and then took the long route home. Just for kicks, I checked their mailbox (since the postman likes to put my mail there instead of my mailbox), and sure enough: TWO amazing pieces of mail. One from Julie w/$ for a book I'm sending her in an SASE, and one from Ami: an embroidered shirt, Mississippi River postcard, and letter on handmade marbled paper. I LOVE MY FRIENDS. That, plus a pitch-black walk home w/my tiny Brinkman flashlight, totally erased my crazy and bad feelings today. The return mail is already ready to go. I'm taking the shirt and flashlight upstairs and zonking out. Now I have two shirts to model, one by Ami and one by Aimee.

Music: "One Big Love," Emmylou Harris

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