Thursday, September 28, 2006

S - L - O - W and OW

Hm. I feel like I don't have much to show for myself today. I hope my shoulder isn't some strange yoga injury (I just thought of this right now). I haven't taken any more drugs b/c I don't feel like it's an inflammation. I feel like it's a nerve thing (I know, what do I know? I have no idea what either of those things are like, exactly). But I think the right side of my head is directly connected to whatever this is. My brilliant and beautiful and always good at dispensing crucial advice said I should take a 3-day break and do lots of left-handed art. I was like, that would look bad. She said, I want to see left-handed art.

Good news: once I dry out the wood that didn't burn down to ash from its soaking solution (the black stuff floating on top. the ash is at the bottom), I can use them as charcoal! Which would be good for already primitive-looking left-hand art. I've been getting better at mousing/touchpad-ing w/my left hand, but I'm impatient. I've been knitting a lot and finally cooked good stuff today (tofu, veggies, rice & beans, the usual. But is so tasty and satisfying after weeks of junk food).

Ed gave me these pH strips, which I've never used before. Help! Does anyone know what this reading means?? It looks like pregnancy colors. I want it on the caustic end: 11 or 12 would be great.


  1. Didn't the strips come with a little guide? Anyway, I think you can also tan leather with that stuff. Or your hands.

    Your break sounds interesting! My friend had tendonitis so bad she had to sell her stick shift car and use speech recognition software to write her papers. Don't let yours get to that point! Let yourself hear (and your brain grow, from using the other side).

    Hope you get better soon.

  2. hippotease12:47 AM

    it's not clear from your descr. if the stick exhibit any readings at all and what its virgin state is. so, just as a guess: it might be some kind of 3-in-1 indicator for water test (hardness, alkalinity, and ph). to be sure, you may try it on plain distilled water (ph=7, blue). to guide your trials you may refer to a ph scale. in the halloween fun spirit you may test if blood is fake (healthy real is ph=7.5 ie alkaline, while tomato juice -- smells like tomatoes!). have fun!

  3. nope. these strips came w/nothing. but that's okay; i got the regular ones i'm used to yesterday. tho i am worried that the alkalinity is not as high as i'd looks like i might as well use freaking baking soda. but i'll go ahead and cook it w/the ash b/c i bust my ass burning all the wood.

    the virgin state of this one was three white pieces that turned these colors after being dipped.


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