Sunday, September 10, 2006

Reverting to normal

Okay, now that I got my crankiness out of the system (after a quick jog to dump my compost and circle back to the barn the long way - it's actually very nice out, the damp grey - my only foray outdoors today), here's an image Ed sent of Jami and me post-reading (I had JUST shoved another handful of wheat thins into my mouth which is why I look funny in the mouth). I finished that solitude book and am now on Felicity Lawrence's Not on the Label: What really goes into the food on your plate (not that I want to know, b/c I'll be horrified, but hell, I've read similar horror books, so I should take them in every once in a while to keep me on my toes. So that I can plague all my friends w/scary facts later when I return to civilization and don't have a compost pile or get farm fresh anything).

I HAVE had too much granola/soy milk (to me, there's never too much), and have trapped a cricket under a huge bowl on the floor. I've been really lazy about cooking, but when I do, it'll be good (I think I'll bake beans and rice and do veggies and tofu on the stove...unless it gets hot again). I've decided that I like dates a lot. Not so fond of raisins. I have a headful of swarming plans, and think it's going to be like this the entire time (more like, my entire life). For now, I'll just work on some more mail to send, comics, and transcribing.


  1. have you read "my year of meats" by ozeki? it's one of my favorite books and does a tremendous job of telling a story while simultaneously talking about all the scary things that go into making food. so recommend this one. it's easy reading and entertaining.

  2. no! i haven't. i will do that when i return to civilization. the library here is too far for me to walk :(


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