Sunday, September 03, 2006

Quick post-walk facts

1. Walking really does help subdue crankiness, but it takes a while.
2. All the trees here were planted by Ed. They're my landmark when I'm walking.
3. I walked on a dirt road, a real road, and a path between soybeans and corn, in someone's field. It was SO "Field of Dreams" that I thought I should turn back and just walk on a road. But I wanted to take the shortcut b/c I wasn't willing to walk 4 miles today (just 3+).
4. Moths like my studio b/c the floorboards all come from an old grain barn, and they like grain, so they're attracted to the smell that's still in the wood.
5. Peanut butter w/only "PEANUTS" in the ingredients list is very hard to find.
6. Andre Agassi's loss is now really the end of his career, and I'm really glad I didn't have to watch it on TV and be heartbroken again.


  1. i have not buckled down at all today. i have spent the entire day bouncing around kimberley's apartment and reading blogs. no writing, very little reading. maybe i should try the walking thing. sometimes walking in the rain can be nice.

  2. either that, or maybe we all have to accept today as a wasted day. i mean, just a day that will not be super productive. it IS part of a long weekend, and all that. i'm heating a frozen pizza in the oven and have spent the last hour loading justin timberlake interviews on my computer and noticing that two pixels on my monitor have gone dead. AND i've given up on this book i'm reading b/c it's so damn boring.

    i have not buckled down at all today, either, in case you didn't notice :)

  3. Walking is excellent therapy. I love being in the middle of nowhere. I am really looking forward to living in a quiet rural place. You're in Nebraska, and I'll be in the Nebraska of the Philippines. :)


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