Monday, September 11, 2006

Monday wildness

I'm off to Lincoln in a bit, torn about if I should find a nice soup place to sit and read and draw comics, or if I should park myself in a $2 movie that is most likely going to suck, but will keep me comatose for 95 minutes. I couldn't post the rest of this comic, so you'll have to be content w/the cover. I took a nice long walk today, saw TONS of dead frogs and a dead snake, and generally became completely unhinged. I hopped, skipped, ran, and balance beamed on the yellow lines once I hit concrete. I sang a lot of nonsense and made up music that you would have heard decades ago on vinyl, pretended to be a cheerleader, marching band leader, air traffic controller, and organism trapped in a petrie dish. Lots of shrieking and hollering and yelling, as well as brilliant lyrics to my return to the farm: "green and brown and yellow and sky" (other lyrics included: tree, telephone pole, intersection, sign, cloud, sun, dead frog, lines, road, truck, van, and car).

I called Ragdale to accept the residency, for two weeks in early March. I have NO IDEA what I think I'm doing. I'm really torn about this one, b/c I'm basing it on the fantasy that I will travel to Japan in February. I can't decide if I should call back and say, "no! I want four weeks! In later March!" or if this is the right decision - just a sliver of time to see how well I do on short residencies. Am I crazy? I feel crazy. But at least I'm showered, and baked some fantastic wild rice & lentils. Baking rice & beans is SO the way to go in this weather.

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