Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Late night purling

Yeah, image quality sucks at night w/very little lighting. I love my big red clock here b/c Ed says that red light is soothing on human eyes - they did tests for pilots, who do best w/red lights on control panels in night flying rather than blue or green. But clearly, I haven't stopped knitting. It's a lot easier this time and I'm not sure why. The first few rows were SO LOOSE that they were slipping off the back ends of the needles. I've found that purling is much easier than knitting. Not sure why. But this is the GREAT thing about it: I can knit the whole ride to Omaha tomorrow morning! So I won't feel like I'm losing studio time.

I got the next cut from my editor, and it's looking good. Jami also advised me to return to NY for Nov/Dec in between residencies, which feels good. Julie, my long-lost music camp friend, is free Monday so I'll see her in Lincoln (and probably disturb all campus b/c I'll see her and scream a lot).

But this is what I wanted to share, from Chogyam Trungpa's Meditation in Action:
In this way you gain a complete understanding of what you are, and that is more important than continuously creating. The point of realization is not to try and understand only the awakened state and pretend not to understand the other side, because that becomes a way of cheating oneself. You see, you are your own best friend, your own closest friend, you are the best company for yourself. One knows one's own weaknesses and inconsistency, one knows how much wrong one has done, one knows it all in detail, so it doesn't help to try and pretend you don't know it, or to try not to think of that side and only think of the good side; that would mean that one was still storing one's rubbish. And if you store it like that you would not have enough manure to raise a crop from this wonderful field of bodhi. So you should go through and study even right back to your childhood, and of course if you have the great ability to go back to your previous lives, you should do so and try to understand them.
I'll probably be away tomorrow all day in the big city, which should give you all plenty of time to examine your past lives. A few more rows, and I'll go to bed. I swear, just a few...


  1. you're inspiring me to pick up knitting again. with all my extra energy, i could knit a body-suit or something. yuck.
    are you really going to be in new york? that would be excellent.

  2. Hmm. You're getting the bug, I think.

    Gili, do it!

  3. i can't sleep. so i turned on the computer. and i LOVE that tam is now becoming a knitting pusher. HAHAAA. well, i guess she always was :)

    it's a funny bug. i totally knitted the whole way to omaha, and part of the way back (it just got too dark). i got a LOT done. shawn called me grandma.

    yes, i really hope i'll be in ny nov/dec. it'll take a while for me to figure out how the hell i'd get all my stuff from chicago to ny, but i'd rather not think about it now.


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