Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Jami reads tomorrow!

Clearly, I've been too caught up in the tiny bits of everyday living, of only MY little everyday life, and forgot to plug Jami's reading tomorrow: 7pm here at Art Farm! I'm now working on the sign for people driving here who need the turn off arrows. This is the poster that took me a day to make in Indesign b/c I don't know what I'm doing. I'm showered after shopvac-ing the space where Jami will read (saw a mouse, tons of turds, accidentally vacuumed something very recently dead, killed a few mosquitoes, and sweated profusely in rubber gloves and a windbreaker zipped to my neck. They still got my face). I'm SO the odd man out here - all the other artists LOVE this kind of environment. Lucky them that they don't have to live w/me.

Stop by if you can. HA. I have a feeling that I have no Nebraska fans, but in case I do: we're going to have homemade cookies and milk and lots of fun snacks (Jami has been baking her ass off ALL day. I've sampled; YUM).

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