Saturday, September 30, 2006

It's hot again here

Yesterday, a Brooklyn colleague emailed me about a dance performance she went to at McCarren pool in Williamsburg, where she saw my twin: a Korean-looking woman who walked around playing violin and singing (I don't do the singing part in public). I looked it up, and it looks amazing, and totally in line w/the kind of work I do: site-specific, interactive, interdisciplinary. Though this is more choreography heavy. My trapeze teacher in NY danced for her before. If you're in NYC, I think tomorrow is the last performance of Agora II. Go and tell me how it is. I danced along to the video that teaches movement for the audience and then went outside for a walk and danced it. I also yelled and thought no one heard (it's unsatisfying to yell here b/c there's no echo), but when I got to campus where Chela and Shawn were trying to fix the dead motorcycle, Chela was like, "were you yelling?"

I woke up early today and did a huge application in bed. It was hard work, but felt good: I'm learning things here that help me articulate my work and practice more clearly and elegantly. Then we all went on a big jaunt to Grand Island. We were everywhere; it's too exhausting for me to even list. We ate pork burritos really fast in the Mexican part of town, and I was yelping when Chela gave us Little Debbie treats. Clearly, I can't be on a high horse about not having any substance addictions, b/c mine is sugar. Now I'm digesting in hopes that I'll still have an appetite when we go to Ernie's and Lynda's for dinner tonight.

Health update: I am very, very sad about my bum shoulder. No insurance, no doctor, no bodyworker, no x-ray technician, almost no will to stop. But I have to lay off. I'll give myself this much credit: I haven't been transcribing for DAYS (writing by hand is the most painful activity on the shoulder). I did hear about a massage therapy place in Aurora, the next town over. I'll try and check it out tonight or call them Monday. It's so hard for me to see a perfectly healthy joint but feel it as very misaligned. I wish I could peel everything away to see what was wrong.

Good news: I've knitted all eight pages of an accordion book I'm making, and hope to make an apron next. Also, I finally realized that all the pressure I'm feeling about making paper and a performance and a zillion other things by the time I leave is self-inflicted.


  1. paulettasaurus4:18 AM

    Oh, no!!! What happened to your shoulder? No insurance sucks. What's wrong with our country? You're an artist--you should be supported! :(

  2. david says our lives are turning into one big application. i know you can relate. you were in my dream last night but i dont' remember it. it's too vauge. you'd be proud of me i went and got cranial sacral massage yesterday. it was weird. i'm not sure if i liked it or not becasue then she started doing other things to me and my leg was out of it's socket (she said) and my right and left "rhthms" were way off. so she said she balanced it. and now my back hurts. hmmm. and there is another reason you'd be proud of me but i can't remember it right now.

    ICE is the answer to our bodies pain.

    love you.

  3. rhythms is waht i meant i type too fast


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