Friday, September 01, 2006

Impatient for cobbler

Erik kept asking me over email about my zine, so I finally tried to put the pieces together. I think a bunch of you already saw this from over a year ago, but I didn't take any exciting pictures besides my half peck of peaches so this is today's visual. I left out one spread b/c it wasn't that relevant and didn't fit. Hopefully it doesn't make reading it confusing.

On the verge of this holiday weekend (which means nothing to me out here), I suddenly have new life plans. Let's review today's exciting events:

1. Cranky from four mosquito bites in less than an hour last night and LOUD ASS crickets that are closing in on me (getting closer and closer to my bed as the nights pass), I sleep until 8:40 or so, only to be relieved by my period! Man! Thank goodness; I was getting all antsy. I have this great fear that my clockwork is shifting, but as long as I don't get 18-day or 40-day cycles, all's well.
2. Crampy from bleeding, I almost shirked duty this a.m., but after reading a chapter of Pema Chodron (When Things Fall Apart), I felt much better, and had a good yoga/med session. I even did arm balances, but couldn't quite remember how to get into one-legged crow and split scissors (omg. I don't even remember the NAME anymore. It's not "split," but what IS it???).
3. Made good use of the new door handle I had Ed install on the door I walk into or twist my finger in when there was no handle, only a hole.
4. Good flushing session in the sketchbook (that's what I'm going to call it b/c that's how Andrea taught it). These are the new realizations:
a. I don't want to live residency-to-residency. That's like going to conservatory, music festivals, practice rooms, and never functioning in the real world. That's the ART version of what I've seen so many MUSICIANS do.
b. Sudden clarity on my artwork: it's all sited. I'm really interested in creating a place where people can understand for one moment that they are HERE and NOW.
c. Affinity w/the barn where I'll perform. I spent 3.5 hours last night looking at images from Art Farm's past - art, artists, buildings being was a great history lesson, and I felt so akin to the red barn when I saw the shots of the electrical worker dude up in the bucket, holding the power lines up higher so that the barn could clear them!!! It's a stranger, an awkward traveler, and it has no foundation. It's not even sitting on the ground, or in the location where it eventually will go. It's waiting.
d. Maybe I could be a consultant as my "job" job. I always admired the ones that worked in the non-profits I was at, and even though I don't have the clout and connections that they have, that might be a nice route: you come in for a specific purpose, and you leave after you finish it. Just today, when a Chicago photographer asked me for Chicago musicians who'd be interested in sitting for him, I realized how much I still love doing that kind of work: connecting people. Figuring out new projects, and how to do them, and who would gain from meeting whomever else.
5. Sent some more rockin' mail art.
6. Cooked up a storm: green beans/quinoa/kelp, veggie/tofu stirfry, half-sauteed half-raw salad. AND I drank a cold, tall glass of soy milk. I never do that, but it hit the spot.
7. Took compost out to the heap.
8. Blogged to try and procrastinate so I don't have to decide which residencies I really DO want to apply to.

Tonight: Ed's friends, Ernest & Linda, are having us over for cobbler!!! I can hardly wait. First, I think I'll go downstairs and put in some time trying to learn Flash.


  1. ok, so i didn't touch flash. but i did get a mosquito bite on my ass while discussing the details of how to start a papermaking studio here w/ed.

    and a quick p.s. that i added on a different post, but just in case: i had the wrong date for my performance. it'll be TWICE, on sat & sun, oct 28 & 29.

  2. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Hey Aimee,
    I jsut wanted to let you know that your blog is very comforting. Being in a city I sometimes yearn for the country where I grew up and you take me there for a few minutes a day. Ok- so it wasn't a big farm with a barn and neighbors who serve cobbler, but there is grass and apple trees and crickets at night and I like that. I just try to ignore the parts about heat and bugs and focus on the other stuff.


  3. thanks, riva. that's sweet to hear. even though i don't really feel like i give enough of the farm ambiance, but that's probably b/c i never go outside. hahaa!

  4. Freaking gorgeous. I don't know what I admire more--your comics, or your ability to document them so beautifully


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