Friday, September 22, 2006

Image dump by bum arm

I'm a little frightened by how much my right shoulder is hurting. I shouldn't even be on the computer...I transcribed some stuff today and wanted badly to finish the chapter but my arm wasn't on board. Jami said I should stop everything entirely until I heal, but there's all the milkweed soaking. Ug. Anyhow, this is me on a tractor in front of the building I live in (not the barn that got demolished by a storm, but the one behind it), helping Anni Holm, a fellow artist and performer, w/a project of hers.

These are not super shots of the thing I knitted, but I think they're good enough considering. Today, I was about to go outside to get more sage and beans, when Chela yelled upstairs that we were going to town to get pizza for lunch and to the store for dinner (tonight we're having dinner and showing each other our artwork b/c it's Jami's last night). We ate very badly but the company was great and Jami bought us all temporary tattoos. I got her a blue gumball that was gross.

This is Shawn, who took the two shots of me here on the tractor. I wanted to include it as a "hey, I'm not such a bad photographer, am I?" shot - I was trying to show him how to use my camera. But that's a nice portrait, isn't it? I'm kind of in no mood to cook, but should do that soon or it will never happen. I want to nap, even though I got up very late today and didn't do anything but go into a food coma. AND my clothes stink.

This is the fabulous, amazing, perfect shirt that Ami sent to me that she embroidered. She's been doing lots of embroidered shirts and I think that some Chicago boutiques are carrying them. I'll try and find out where, so you can all go and buy them. She's REALLY good at what she does. And I think she washed the shirt, so it's the one thing I'm wearing that doesn't stink. OH! I got MORE mail art today, this time from Stephen. Wohoo! Who needs a freaking TV if you've got a mailbox??!


Paulettasaurus said...

You knitted that?! It's amazing! Wow! Maybe you can do fashion design on the side! I love your crazy Nebraskan adventures!


TK said...

That top is beautiful. All this time, you were keeping your skill a secret. I'm a little bit hurt. All those lunches! Wasted!

Soon, I'll be driving through Nebraska. I think we'll be south of you, so we probably won't visit. But don't be surprised if we come a knockin'

polarchip said...

That halter top is HOTTT. Screw making people's wedding invitations, make them their sexy knitted paper honeymoon attire!

aimee said...

ha!! when i was in high school, i wanted to do fashion design. i'd always rush home after saturday a.m. violin lessons to watch style.

the top is very flawed...but still okay i think for a first, w/no pattern.

YOU guys do the matchmaking business, and i can do the honeymoon goods once all those people get married. heheee.

Anonymous said...

Who's bring sexy back? AIMEE! That top is hott. Am only now catching up on yr Nebraskan fun...yowza! Who knew?