Saturday, September 23, 2006

I miss Jami

Last night's dinner party was quite something. Shawn made incredibly yummy enchiladas. Jami made me a great mix CD, which is on now. Chela took us over the edge w/Krispy Kremes and Ben & Jerry's for dessert. Shawn, Chela, and I did a little slide/video presentation for Jami and each other to look at each other's work. She is sooo good at pointing things out to me about myself and my work; she said something about how I make things SO difficult for myself, and then figure my way out of it.

Jami also made really yummy salad, whose stars were warm bacon and garlic. My rice salad was a big hit. Thanks to Julie for bringing a reallllly good salad to Tam's housewarming party way back in the winter early this year; I used that as inspiration. Last night's was this: wild rice, brown rice, garlic, olive oil, black pepper all baked in the oven. Then I added crushed pecans (I did the crushing w/a rubber mallet), feta cheese, halved red seedless grapes, craisins, lemon juice, and pepper (black & cayenne). YUM. Even I was excited.

Jami woke me up this morning before she took off. I was SO SAD to see her go. We were talking in the bedroom and I realized a big reason that I love her so much: she's really smart. And fast, and funny. I was terrified when I first met her, b/c I could tell that she tolerated no BS of any kind. Now I see how refreshing that is. Hopefully I get to hang out w/her in NYC when I get back and we still like hanging out w/each other.

It's all cold and windy and grey and threatening to rain. I'm eating lots of leftovers and being sad and hung out for a while in the farmhouse kitchen doing laundry as Shawn cleaned and advised me to pace myself b/c I'm not 20 anymore and can't just work my arm/hands so hard w/o consequences. It's really hard for me...there's still so much freaking milkweed, though. I haven't gotten much else done. I came back here to eat and drop off my laundry, but I think I'll go back later. Chela is on a junk jaunt until tomorrow, so there's even less people to hang out w/now. Sigh. But I have a crapload of work to do...if I could only make paper. That would help move me along, a LOT.

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  1. i knew i was forgetting something in the salad: sauteed chopped sage from the garden. b/c the basil @ the store looked scary.


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