Sunday, September 24, 2006

I met Santa and he took me to the movies

Late, I know. I need to stop sleeping late and waking late. But I need to shake the creeps and let the mattress pad heat up before I go to bed (bug now crawling on the monitor). Shawn and I were both real bummed about Jami being gone, and he cleaned the kitchen as I ran a load of laundry and cored more milkweed in the farmhouse. I came back to my studio for a few hours, ate ALL my leftovers nearly, and then went back to the house, to find Shawn at the table, coring milkweed, the pile SIGNIFICANTLY dented, and a huge pile of core next to him. I almost fell over. I was so grateful. SO THANKFUL. I sat down and helped him finish the rest - he had set up a good factory system. I'm not so good w/factory systems...I never break down the task into enough small parts so I'm quite inefficient and go slower. Maybe it's b/c I don't want to feel like a factory worker.

Anyhow, we went to Grand Island to try and catch "An Inconvenient Truth," but the only showing was at 7pm at the completely volunteer Grand theatre, so the locals talked us into going to the coffeeshop and we ended up talking to everyone there. An accountant from Valentine (I think) told us about where to go that has the least light pollution for star gazing, and how the cleanest place (light-wise) in the country is four hours north of here. Half knew about Art Farm, half didn't. We met Rocky, who we already know, and the guy who has a clock shop who also does horticulture. He took us into his shop (it was closed) to show us a clock made of foam sponge stuff and then we stood quietly and heard all the clocks going at once.

Then we zipped off to try and find the mall where we could watch a movie, found it after some confusion (on my part), and got sick on the product placement glut of "Talladega Nights." On the drive back home, Shawn talked about witches and he walked me halfway back home in the dark and talked about ghosts. So I got all freaked out. I have the Rachmaninoff Vespers on now to soothe me and am excited that the milkweed is done. That means I can start burning wood to get ash to finally cook the suckers. One step closer to papermaking! I think I'm calmed down enough now to go to bed.

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  1. The product placement in Talladega Nights was, indeed, sickening, but you at least have to admit .. Sasha Baron Cohen was really, really funny .. I hope you get to catch Mr. Gore's documentary .. it's is as entertaining as it is informative and thoroughly terrifying


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