Saturday, September 02, 2006

Giving into TMJ

Peach cobbler w/vanilla ice cream and great hosts (Lynda & Ernest), who live in a second-floor renovated walk-up between a movie theatre that has one movie showing at a time w/one showing a day and a cafe, was GREAT. The loft was gorgeous and perfect; we got to see Ernest's paintings (he's color blind but does amazing landscapes). It took two years to renovate, and from a completely gutted mess. I got completely wired off of jasmine tea, so after driving back through pre-storm strangely-lit skies (Jami was hoping for aliens to land), I got right to work on a comic book.

This one is about being here. It's a lot wordier than my other ones, but that's the mood I was in. I used my mosquito coil and worked by candlelight (b/c I am afraid of bugs being attracted to overheads). When I went upstairs to go to bed, it was FREEZING. We had downpour and at 5:30am I suddenly realized that one of my windows doesn't have glass in it, but luckily it was a true downpour w/the rain coming down, not sideways. I woke up late (can't trick my body; cheat it an hour at night and it takes an hour in the morning), did my yoga, and came downstairs in a wool dress, corduroys, two scarves, a hat, and wrist warmers. Now I have no accessories and two tank tops on. And an enormous mouthguard in my mouth. I ordered one b/c my clenching and grinding are getting out of hand (I now have a bad habit of cracking my jaw in polite company). It's weird, but minty. I have a feeling already that I'll cheat by pushing the biteguards out to the sides so I can grind away.

I also got the BEST card in the mail (I got three pieces of mail today! Wohooo!) from Elizabeth, that has a woman fawning over flowers and the text underneath says, "You say Psycho Bitch like it's a bad thing." Laughed out loud; it was perfect. I talked to my sister today and we talked about our trip to Japan in February. I really hope it works out. Today's goals: shower and maybe take a walk. I've already spit out the mouthguard.


  1. This comic book is gorgeous. I have this fantasy about having a comic book blog, but I don't know if it will ever happen. You're an inspiration.

    P.S. The other day I was thinking that if I were a cute Jewish guy, I'd have the *biggest* crush on you. Too bad I'm not.

  2. ah. it was so o ooo great to wake up to comments from you. you're probably sleeping now; hopefully done w/the big traveling.

    i kind of have a fantasy of a comic blog/zine online, but that requires a lot of things (like drawing them, scanning them, and arranging them nicely).

    HAHAAA!! i believe i've had a couple cute Jewish boys crush on me, but i could totally use a new one soon. i'd rather that over all the mosquitoes who love me. the GOOD thing about you not being one is that we get to be friends for a long time instead of there being messy love relations that could end badly.

  3. I didn't have a chance to blog yesterday. can you believe i was actually busy? but i got the presents you made.
    i love the journal. love love love it. as soo as i saw it on your blog i loved it and then went into this whole thing about whether i was allowed to love it since i'm not asian and was i being too appropriative and should i just think it's cool from a distance and not say anything. but now i can write in it and ponder the larger meaning of everything i think and do on my own. and i love it. every page feels so good. i can't wait to start using it, but it's the kind of thing where i'm only going to want to write really smart and nice things in it so i probably will take a long time filling it up. it's not the kind of book where i'll want to cross anything out because then that won't look nice.
    second, i love the other collage (can i call it that?) that you made? i'm going to buy a nice ikea frame and hang it up when i finally move into my own space. it's beautiful. i love it.
    thanks thanks thanks...
    the work you posted today is also amazing. i'm starting to get a sense of your style. the way you draw comics is very specific to you. i really like it. you're smart.

  4. awww! you're SO welcome. what do you mean, allowed to like it even tho y're not asian?? that journal has nothing to do w/being asian. i don't think...but don't censor yrself! it's too much pressure to say you'll only do amazing things in it. i can make you plenty more.

  5. what i mean is: when i saw it on your blog, i thought what a great illustration. but then i thought about all those gross stores in SF and portland where there's an illustration with an asian (usually) woman on it and how images that are cartoons like that are considered cute or sweet or something. and then i started to feel gross about liking it. like am i thinking oh how adorable and clever in an exoticizing way? does that make sense? i feel like there's so many boutiques and diy places that are filled with images drawn by whities like myself that are totally messed. it's not so much censorship. i like to think of it as checking myself before i wreck myself.

  6. oooh, now i get it. funny you. funny all of us who got oberlin educations. i'm glad that it's not just me who thinks about those things.

    i never even thought of that girl as asian or even asian-looking! she's a reproduction of a drawing (or print?) by marcel dzama, a canadian artist. i hope you didn't think that *I* did that, b/c i'm certainly not such a good drawer.

    oh! and i wanted to tell you that there's something else coming, that was supposed to get there first, but the mailman left me an envelope asking for 13 more cents to mail it. b/c it's a little difficult to get thru; can't go thru the machine. so sit tight for that!


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