Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Fine, edit my life

Hm. I totally posted earlier today complaining vigorously about my blown-out arm, but it disappeared. So I'll have to give the latest update. First, Jami's much better pictures of the two projects I have going: knitting shifu & scraping milkweed. Second, I woke today to the most horrific shooting/splitting pain in my head (the right back side) and all over my right shoulder. Plus my right forearm is mad sore. Jami and I took our last trip to Grand Island together (she leaves Saturday), and things like thrifting (pushing clothes on the rack) and going for turkey burgers (holding a plate) were extremely painful. My body was clearly telling me that I wasn't allowed to scrape any more milkweed. Which is painful to my head, b/c there is still a BUTTload left to scrape. I guess it doesn't matter, since I don't have any fire yet. Friday, we'll do a cookout and slide lecture for Jami's last night, so I'll get ash from wood we burn then. I think.

I probably shouldn't even be on the computer too much. I ended up spending the bulk of the day laying in bed, reading Meghan Daum's The Quality of Life Report, about a woman who moves from NYC to Nebraska. I sliced some more apples tonight while Jami scraped some more milkweed (that's her in the picture). It's not a fun task. I wonder why most of my process involves activities that almost always induce repetitive stress injury.

Good news: I got the DV tapes and DVDs from my editor for my thesis. I HAVE THE BEST EDITOR IN THE WORLD (Brian Kallies), and he actually listens to me. I have to remember not to be so annoying to him b/c I forget that he actually pays attention and that I don't have to remind him about everything we've already talked about. It's great working w/people who are so professional; a real treat and privilege.

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  1. can i just say that my nails look so pretty and pink and pearly in that picture? clearly i have not been working hard on the farm at all.


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