Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Electronics swelter

I'm not happy about this, but I think my iPod is dying. It kept making my iTunes freeze up, and I rebooted the computer 3x. It won't shut off, and is hot as hell. Plus, the weather has gotten hot today, so I'm kind of hot, too. I'm backing up my computer onto the hard drive b/c I just don't trust the little bugger, which is staring at me, knowing that I know that it will kill itself soon by just staring at me. I just wish it would cool down (I just put it into the fridge).

Watching how quickly lemon water remains mold in a plastic container makes me frightened that my good suits and winter coat are molding as we speak in Chicago. Somehow, that worries me more than my entire freaking thesis molding there. I don't know why I think that a fairy godmother will come and take that wall off my hands. But in the meantime: last night, Jami told me that bugs are to me as dirt is to Pigpen, so I drew this comic this a.m. I would have adjusted the levels, but my computer flips out when I have too much going on at once, and Photoshop is way too much for it.

Oh! I got an email that I got juried into another show! This one is in upstate NY. I'm glad I got in, b/c it was the big book, and I would have hated to send it to them and then have it sent back w/o showing. Also, the architecture students from University of Nebraska (Lincoln) came today and tromped through my studio and bedroom. I had forgotten that I had underwear laying out (this is what happens when I have no hamper or basket; they just go on a chair). Whoops. I forget how private some places are. The students were all cute boys. Sometimes I feel sad that I missed dating that age bracket; I went for older men too quickly and never really got to date men in their twenties. I remember being all sad when an ex turned 30, b/c then he was just another old man. HAHAAA. Anyhow, it was nice to make art w/architecture boys roaming and measuring and being very polite in my space.

Big props to Jami, for going to a coffee shop this a.m. and coming back w/a huge chocolate chip cookie for me. Totally made my morning. And good news about my bad dreams: at least I'm screaming a lot in them, which is so much better than when I used to try and scream and not be able to. I need another cookie.

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