Thursday, September 21, 2006

Cabin fever + Prairie fever =

Jami was worried about how I'd fare being here for so long, and I thought it would be no problem. Until it started storming again last night (I woke up to the lightning, heard some thunder, and ran downstairs to put electronics and handmade paper valuables in leak-proof locations). And until I found out that it's going to be like this until SUNDAY. Now I'm worried. I already skipped my usual routine today, stayed in bed to read for a while, showered, and then proceeded to eat all day. I tried to scrape more milkweed but decided I needed a new tactic: I'm soaking it in water to try and soften it all. Otherwise, I'll lose my arm.

These are Jami's pics from happier, sunnier days. If you scroll down, there are some HILARIOUS ones from my milkweed harvesting day. I also added Chela's blog to my links, so you can see what beautiful tall blonde Californian artists do on the farm. I'm really feeling the isolation now, and totally feel like the princess trapped in the tower. It's POURING; I was hoping to hike over to the farmhouse for more company, but the prospect of getting wet and cold is not attractive (then again, I'm here, dry and cold, and worried about the water leaking all over the electrical cords).

What I got done today: send mail to school for an upcoming show, finish another book, eat lots of apples & peanut butter, back up my computer, do dreamweaver tutorials and almost go cross-eyed w/boredom. Rain, PLEASE let up so I can escape for a moment!!

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