Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Busy bee

This is why I had to go see a movie last night. Isn't it fantastic? The best part was that I walked in, went to the bathroom, thought about how disgusting it was (filthy, stinky, full of flies), and then walked out wondering why there were urinals in the women's room. Well, I did it again: used the men's room and didn't realize until I walked out and saw the sign. What is with me? I hope I stop doing this (I did it a few months ago in Chicago).

I'm a little worn out. I feel like I'm just running an office for myself in a barn, and not being able to make enough work. I'm sure I'll feel better after a nap (which I need very badly...stayed up too late last night after a forgettable movie and even worse ice cream). The weather has shifted again, so I'm all confused: it's all sunny and warm. It's just as fickle as I am. I had a really nice waiting-for-the-dryer with Jami this morning, and she and my sister gave me good feedback on my thesis video rough cut. It's so hard for me to have any kind of perspective. I feel like Justin Timberlake when he got his record deal at 14, about being like, you can't say anything to me, I have a record deal! Only I feel like saying, stop making me document this, I made over 2,000 bricks!

Then I have to remind myself of the fortune cookie we cracked open and turned into the title of our first show at grad school: We would often be sorry if our wishes came true.

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