Monday, September 04, 2006

Bleary but relieved

Whew. Today was a rough one. I got up at 7am, very reluctantly, and shivered through morning rituals, which involved boiling two chopped peaches b/c I was way too cold to eat them as is. I was shocked at how good things can be, simply heated up. I survived yoga and had a half-shriek when a huge bug flew up and landed on my mat, and then read until our 9am website meeting. Cranky, cranky. I continued being cranky, freaking out about being here, questioning my ability to make anything whatsoever, eating constantly, and making desperate Skype calls (pick up any weird "00012345" numbers!!).

But just about an hour or two ago, I put aside all my not-getting-anywhere computer work, as well as my recurring fears about being alone forever, and sat down to just make crap. Dude, it's SO fun to do that!! When you just make crap and don't worry about anything being earthshattering or profound or big. This picture sucks, but that's what I cranked out. I also decided to start a by-request mail art production here, so if you want any art that I make here, just send me an SASE w/however much postage you want (what you get depends on the postage)! I feel better, even though I still miss urban life. I decided not to go outside b/c I think I got sun/windburnt from yesterday's trek; I think I'll also turn my computer off NOW before my eyes burn away, so I can actually see when I meet all the architecture students tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous10:33 PM

    I wouldn't waste a second on those worries. Your abilities and wit are top notch and you won't be sinlge long. That's a promise.

  2. um, i thought it was a world-known fact that i am a TOP-NOTCH worrier. hahaaa! i'm fine; it's just impossible not to worry when there's so much pressure. which is why being on a farm w/almost no one is GREAT, except when i call home and mom wonders what's wrong w/her eldest.

    the real concern is thinking too much about the ex. but i'm hoping that the worst is over, and all the treats i ordered for myself online will get here soon (respiratory tea, goat milk lotion, justin timberlake album, etc.)

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  4. ohhhh goat milk lotion! i am on a search for good goat milk products. got a good website? i'm going to check the farmer's market when i get the chance.

    i got the other gift today. i've never gotten anything in the mail like it! i love it. i put it in my window so i can look at it as i'm writing and feel good. you're smart.

  5. YAY!!!! you got it!!! whew. i was a little worried. i'm glad you like it. that was the initial inspiration - the piece where i knew that you had to get whatever i made on that plastic.

    goat miles! hahaa. that's funny. i get canus goat milk products and use the unscented lotion. my sis got it for me on amazon but now they only sell it in bulk. i just googled the product and ordered off of some herbal place.

  6. i deleted my post because i was embarassed about my spelling mistake. :)

  7. aww, sweetie! i thought it was a cute mistake. but i understand. i was embarrassed by the period i left out in my first comment on this post, but i decided to let it be.


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