Wednesday, September 06, 2006

And now, Chela!!

OMG! Jami and I did a trip to Grand Island (I got to meet the Asian woman @ the farmer's market and got spicy salsa & pear butter; next time will be the pickled okra) and I had a major coup, though shameful: I got Walmart. I was shocked. They had almost everything I wanted (STILL no good peanut butter. I broke down and got the kind w/just peanuts & salt, but hate it already and hope I can get just peanuts soon. I can make cookies or noodles w/what's left). They even carry Horizon yogurt. Some health food stores don't even do that (but they didn't have plain, so I skipped).

Then, after lugging my bounty upstairs, taking off my shirt, and sitting down to eat and read, Ed calls up to see if I can take visitors. I throw my shirt back on and go downstairs to find Chela! The last resident!! We thought she was going to be much later, like another week and a half (she got pneumonia), but she just showed up today! Crazy. Now we're a full farm.

More later. Must vacuum and shower.

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