Saturday, September 16, 2006

#2, w/a very hot head

WHOA. Ed said that last night's wind was shifting and was going to bring all sorts of cold air. He and Shawn worked yesterday in my studio, pulling out the old hot water heater and installing the propane heater b/c apparently I'll need it. HELLO, it's SO HOT right now!! I'm baking again in my studio. And my eyes still hurt. Oh, this is my drawing in lieu of photograph of yesterday's hail on Shawn's car outside. It was like a strange, sunny Christmas.

It's very hot. You can tell. Anyhow, I started knitting another swatch yesterday, and it went so quickly...I'm trying to figure out what I'm making: will it be something to wear, or carry, or perform with, or WHAT? I had a vision last night of having something hang off my foot as I hang from the ceiling, and sketched out all my ideas for hanging. I wish I was a Spanish rope expert.

But despite all the storm ion weirdness and overheating and eyes going bad, I did have a decent day of busy art making. I mean "busy art" making. I did a set of mail art pieces that I'll complete in the car on the way to Lincoln on Monday (I am now a big car art fan). I also did a couple of back alterations on old prints. I'm all over that, too, in the yogic sense and the dictionary sense: open the BACK of your heart. And what is on the BACK of "heart" in the dictionary? [I think I got headsman last time in my very old pocket dictionary from when I was 8.] I put those pics up on Flickr, so everyone except for Ellen and Ellie, look here.

I like doing work that's all over - no backs or fronts or anything like that. Yeah, I know people like to frame and hang work. But then it can be like that piece at the Whitney once where an artist made something and then insisted that it be buried w/in the building walls so no one could actually see it, but you knew it was there. Secrets that aren't secrets. These paper cuts were really fun to do, and came from me running my hand on a sheet, thinking how gorgeous the paper was. So then I just cut it out. One is on the rough side of the sheet, where it air dried. The other is cut on the smooth side, where the paper dried on the silkscreen.


Gili Warsett said...

i love your paper cuts. i've got to do something like that soon. just totally fabulous.
do you know braille? i was thinking about you running your hand over the paper and how i wonder if people who read braille also notice the materials that the braille is written on more than people who don't touch in order to read. maybe when i'm thirty i'll learn braille. it's good to have goals that i'll never follow through with. like tap dancing and living on a houseboat.
i'm going to try to put out into the universe what i want and see if i can get it (your idea). my friend called me a striver. not an idealist or an optimist. a striver. i think you are too. though you might be an optimist too.

aimee said...

noo, i don't know braille! i tried to learn ASL @ oberlin but also sucked at that. tap dancing shouldn't be too hard to learn.

i am NOT an optimist, so i'd agree w/the striver thing. that's a good way of looking at it - it's not necessarily the healthiest thing, b/c i'm always wanting more, reaching for more, etc., but that makes more sense. there's a word in korean that sums up me exactly but i can't for the life of me translate it. but striving starts to come closer.

also, google anna deavere smith and pbs to find the video clip on the NOW show (i think that's it) where she does a cornel west, talking about the difference b/t hope and optimism. it's good.