Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Technical difficulties and mosquitews

Blogger is not letting me post pictures very easily. I've been fighting w/it since yesterday. So this is all I have for now - the huge red lit-up clock in my studio. I recommend visiting Jami's site for much better pictures of all the art here and the landscape. My suitcase arrived yesterday! It was kind of great but also kind of sad to have all my stuff. Now I have no excuse not to make art. But it was also just nice to realize that I was perfectly able to survive w/o all the crap I own.

Meanwhile, I'm still being eaten alive out here. Sheesh. I went out last night w/Ed to Lincoln, and was able to meet up w/the father of an old friend who is in Japan. That was fun. I felt like I was cheating, though, being out in the city and having dinner in a restaurant and being in A/C. The nights have been cool, but I'm making myself almost sick by having a fan blow on me in hopes that it will blow away the mosquitoes. No use. They still buzz in my ears and then I have violent spasms in futile attempts to kill them. I have killed one, though, b/c there's a blood stain on my pillow. When I got home last night, I sat down for maybe a minute, and they bit me at least five times. So brutal! My hands, my face, everything.

Anyhew. I also kind of feel like having the internet so accessible (in my studio!) is cheating. I'm just going to have to get a lot more structured and not let myself be on it all the time. Yesterday a.m., I woke up feeling drugged, so I ran out and did the four-mile walk. OMG. I'm surprised I'm not sore...it's the perimeter of the "blocks" here (the square between 20th and 21st roads, and between N and O roads). Each gravel-lined side is a mile long. It's like walking from Columbia University to NYU, only longer. But at least I did it. The other exciting piece of news is that my nail clipper came w/the suitcase, so now I can FINALLY play violin like a normal person. I also finally did some yoga and meditation this a.m. Today...I think I'll work on Jami's press release for a reading she'll do here, play some violin, look at what I need to finish some more applications, and try to keep myself from itching all my bites.

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