Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Stadium lights

Ed finally just last night showed me how to operate them (switches right above the sink) - these are real stadium lights! Whoa, bright. They're way high in the studio space, and will probably come in handy when it gets colder and I'm not so scared about attracting bugs. A huge bee/wasp thing is now inside my studio, which doesn't make me very comfortable, but I shamelessly just ate the rest of Jami's apple pie, so I'm a little drugged from the sugar. I'm working on a poster for her reading, and having a hard time w/Indesign. Any experts out there?? I just need to add a little hot pink, but I can't get any color.

I think the loudest cricket in the world has now moved to my shower area (which also has a plastic snake above it). I'm going to start reading The Grace that keeps this World by Tom Bailey now, and pretend that I don't have to do manual labor in less than an hour.


  1. whoop! never mind! as soon as i asked for help, i figured out how to get the color. nice.

  2. Hot pink, huh? Have you been channeling Ellen?


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