Tuesday, August 29, 2006

So excited, so tired

1. Blogger, stop trying to bully me into beta. There's a reason it's BETA. Just like why I don't buy first generation computers, okay?
2. I feel SO lucky to have such good friends. You guys keep me going like nothing else. I just wanted to say that. Esp those of you who have been showing up in my dreams to help me out.
3. These are the korean mosquito repellent devices. The coils are an old throwback to the "good old days" - I remember using them when we were on a family trip to the country. They smell like a certain plant in Korea, and the dude who sold them to my sis in K-town in NYC said that it makes skeeters dizzy. The other fancy plug in thing is probably TOTALLY scary and toxic, but who cares, b/c it SO works!! NO bugs come near me in bed now. Rock on. [p.s. to Gili: my bro-in-law joked about sending Astoria ghetto mosquitoes out to battle Nebraska ones.]

I feel like there was a LOT that happened since my last post, but is that even true? I dunno. I've finished reading Which Brings Me to You, which Jami lent me, by Steve Almond & Julianna Baggott, and am in the middle of the 1st half of Birdmen, Batmen, and Skyflyers by Michael Abrams. Today, I managed to get myself up earlier and do some laundry. We don't have a functional dryer at the main barn, and it was threatening to rain (AND, for as much of an exhibitionist that I am, I am surprisingly loathe to hang all of my laundry outside for the world to see [the world being the director and one other resident here]), so I took it over to the farmhouse, where you have to babysit the dryer. Mind you, I did try to set up the drying rack outside. I just couldn't. Yes, pathetic. Yes, my muscles must be atrophying from lack of exercise/yoga.

Oh, now I remember what was so exciting: I helped Jami w/this book that she has to alter for an auction in Omaha!! We decided to drill a big hole through it, as a joke. The book: Tom Wolfe's A Man In Full. The cover was already scary to start with: once I removed the library clear jacket off the regular sleeve of the hardback, we realized that there was a hole thru the O in Tom, which showed an eye. The naked cover had a huge man on it, winking. Creepy. Anyhow, I got to work the big drill press! W/the biggest bit ever. I mean, the biggest bit I've ever used (1 1/4"?). I also decided not to shower, which is also exciting. Ed finally installed a lightbulb AND a handrail on my stairs, so I am less likely to die on the way to & from my bedroom loft. Finally, my most exciting part of the day: I rode into Lincoln again tonight, and walked around to the Haymarket district, which is cute. I had two scoops of homemade ice cream (this is called their "small") - Dutch chocolate & peanut butter fudge brownie, and then wandered in circles before finally getting up the nerve to eat alone in a restaurant. I knew I needed red meat, so I went to Fireworks and braved a vanilla porter (brewed there. YUM) and then a huge burger (also YUM). Then, when I thought I'd only be getting a check, my server (the name on the receipt was Regina. The woman who brought me food was Angel. They were BOTH angels) arrives with an ENORMOUS hot chocolate cake, bigger than the burger, w/two scoops of ice cream. OMG. She said it was b/c I came from the "big city" (she had IDed me - I still have my NY license), or no - b/c I came from the FARM to visit the "city" so it was their treat. Way too nice. I thought I was going to puke about 1/3 of the way thru b/c I had already had all the other food. But it was all just so sweet.

Then I walked back to campus - University of Nebraska, Lincoln, and found a good public bathroom in the student union, since I didn't want to pee in Ed's car on the drive back. I felt like such a college student again. I was thinking, my god, I'm pretty long gone from college, but I still LOOK like I could be there. But I guess I shouldn't complain, if it lets me wander campuses and use their bathrooms. Though I was also thinking of the "got a little pot in my belly" line from Erykah Badu. Okay, I'm delirious now from being tired, freezing (it's getting COLD here), and still having a bloody nose. I'll post a link to more pictures tomorrow once I get them all straightened out.


Gili Warsett said...

When Miles and I drove from SF to Minneapolis last year, we stopped at the Univ. of Nebraska, Lincoln because I was convinced it would have all the great workings of a college town. But no! The only coffeeshop we could find was Starbucks and we ended up eating gross bagels from Brueggers. Maybe you had better luck there. At least they supplied you with a nice bathroom.

aimee said...

haha. it IS kind of a lame college town. but the haymarket area is nice. i also saw starbucks and brueggers, but did NOT stop in either. i love that the movie theatre is called star ship 9 and that all tickets are two dollars. i might indulge next time.

polarchip said...

I hear you about beta! Supposedly, people can't leave comments for you unless they're on beta too, so when the time comes we should all switch over at the same time (or wait for it to come OUT of beta)