Friday, August 18, 2006

Running on nothing


I'm here!!! In Marquette, Nebraska. Right now, it's very hot in my studio and I have barely anything here b/c I had major drama yesterday: I was SO careful about everything, packing, leaving Tam's apt in good order, etc., and then I LOCKED MYSELF OUT w/three of my four bags. The fourth, biggest, and most important suitcase, was sitting in front of her front door. I was trapped in between the two glass doors in her entryway. I even tried to use a credit card (no, my old student ID) on the lock to break in, but alas...I had to go to Midway w/o it. And the worst part is that I probably had enough time to get the key from Tam at work and then go back, but I was so spooked by how long the security lines were @ Midway on the way to NYC, that I just booked it. OF COURSE, there was no line, and no problems w/security. I then proceeded to use up most of my dad's phone card on a pay phone to try and call friends to complain. Luckily, I got my sister's husband, who talked me down really well and told me not to get too upset w/myself, and told me a story about how he once got locked into a basement and had to sleep there overnight.


This is great: Ed picked me up at the Omaha airport. On the way out, I hear someone yell my name. I figure, "NO ONE knows me in Omaha," so I didn't stop. Then I hear, "AIMEE!!!" again, and finally turn around to see Dustin, one of my students from Ox-Bow!!! INSANE. Hilarious! It was great. So nice to see a friendly face in such a random place. We drove around Omaha, and then to Lincoln for some organic coop supplies (whoa expensive, comparison, city dwellers have it SO easy), and then around Lincoln and off to the farm. I have nothing, b/c it was all in the suitcase, so today when Jami took me to the grocery store, I went obscenely dressed in a cut up tank top and really old short shorts. I got eaten by mosquitoes last night already, but the bedroom is heavenly. Great breeze, great view, way on top of a barn. I'd post photos, but my camera was in the suitcase that got left behind. What a pain in my ass. I'm now just using whatever soap the last resident left and being gross in general.

Okay, better run, b/c my power cord for my computer was ALSO in the suitcase. So I must conserve energy.

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  1. i'm so glad you're there.

    luggage: baggage

    i hope you have a good time. i'm glad you like your room!!! sweet dreams


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