Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Reluctant traveler

This is the shirt I got in a swap @ the art fair last last weekend in exchange for one of my longstitches, from Erik Hoff, who runs Dirty Bird Printing. I know, my visuals are so not related to anything now that I'm away from my Canon. But I'll be back in Chicago tonight (weather, TSA, and ATA willing), where I will probably freak out immediately and try to start packing, and then Tam will have to talk me down and tell me I should just have some ice cream and then sleep so I can pack tomorrow.

I just sent a little package to myself today from NY b/c I figured, why lug it to Chicago just so I can mail it from there? But I am quite concerned about how I'm going to get all my crap over there...I'm starting to wonder if it's just foolish thinking to take my entire stereo system. I should probably just buy a boombox or something. Or maybe not. Hm. [See? This is my "decision-making" process, and just about ONE item. Other things I worry about: my Bragg's liquid aminos, what container I should put my sesame seeds in, how I'm going to pick which slides I take w/me, what art supplies/materials I'm taking, and how many vitamins I need. Never wonder again why I can't sleep at night.]

All I want to do is crawl up on the couch at home, watch a movie, and eat peaches.


  1. yes! it's time for you to plop on the couch and eat peaches. i am in full support of this coping method. please proceed.

  2. Peaches! I have peaches! I wish you were here to eat them with me...

  3. I wish I had read this earlier so I could sugget you bring peaches here. Ah, well. I guess Tastee Freeze will do.

    Amino Acids? Leave them here. You ARE going to the health food store on your way to the farm. And I think I can scrounge up a container for your sesame seeds. See? Two problems solved. Aren't you glad you're coming over?

  4. yes, SO glad i'm here. at tam's apt. but missing home! i did cut up two peaches and downed them as we landed in chicago.

    too short! the trip was too short. time to scrounge for boxes.


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