Thursday, August 10, 2006

Relaxing in NY

Here I am, next door to my parents' home, in the public library. I LOVE THIS LIBRARY. I landed in NY yesterday and arrived home, very pleased w/the hardwood floors (my family tore up the carpet recently), and incredibly happy to have mom's cooking. I slept for about 12 hours (well, there was a lot of scratching in between), and woke up comatose and insanely sore. SO SORE!

Sorry for the absence online again - I moved on Tuesday evening. Tuesday a.m. was heavenly w/two back-to-back yoga classes. Jim's class was like being on top of a cruise ship: the breeze was amazing. Class was amazing. I haven't been in one of his classes for a month, and now I realize again what an amazing teacher he is. Then I went to Bryan's class and almost passed out, ran errands, and ran to my bodyworker. Again, a great session - my last. So sad! I remember being in NY, so upset about leaving my best therapist ever. But then I found really great people in Chicago: a dentist, bodyworker, and handful of yoga teachers. Oh, and good therapy, too (I've definitely seen more therapists than men). So even though it's sad to leave, I know that there are always more people out there.

Terttu got the truck on Tuesday, and helped me pack and loaded the entire truck, almost herself. Insane. I have never packed like that: not packing. It was pretty disconcerting to have all my stuff thrown into wherever and not have the contents match the box labels, but you do what you have to do. We unloaded at Tam's and then went for ice cream. I had thus far had 2 lara bars and some rice/nut chips and hummus for the entire day. The human body is pretty amazing, esp since I usually run on a LOT of fuel. After returning the truck (sorry, no photos b/c my camera is in the bottom of some box labeled "Nebraska"), Terttu and I began the long journey to her place. She was one of the best hostesses I've had once I got there - really old school, and like my mom or something. Breakfast was so sweet, and then I rushed off to the airport.

I feel like I haven't made "real" art in a while. But I started to have some ideas for Nebraska, which will involve things falling out of my studio window. Wohoo! I'm in NY until Tuesday, then back to Chicago for a day to wildly pack/ship for NE, and then fly to Omaha on Thursday. OMG! That's a WEEK from today. Amazing.

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