Sunday, August 20, 2006


I asked Ed to show me how to get to the very, very top of my room - you climb a scary ladder, use yr arms to climb up onto a plank or two, and open the roof. AMAZING. The highest point here, and beautiful views. We stayed up there for three hours, I think. Who knows. The sun set. I'm slowing down - read another book today, and am loving all the reading time. I almost don't want my suitcase to show up tomorrow b/c then I have no excuse not to work. But it's great here...Ed made us pancakes and bacon today. YUM. Jami insists we finish her apple pie. Last night was cold and this a.m. was foggy. I have a new gesture to start my performance. I'm playing violin a bunch.



Gili Warsett said...

can i please have your life?
also, what books are you reading?

aimee said...

haha. i'm not sure you want my life. i'm still not sure i'm all okay w/my life.

i read jami's book, instant love, which is a great read. good to do all at once. then i did mark bittner's The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, which was okay. not the best writing, and sometimes tedious, but decent. the parts i liked best were at the very end.

i was going to start this other one, but then i noticed that it was filed under kidnapping and crimes against girls, so i was like, NO WAY. so i'm onto A Man After His Own Heart: A True Story, by Charles Siebert.

nothing earthshattering, but it IS nice to read a lot.