Sunday, August 27, 2006

Peaches and mint

I made three books yesterday. I refused to actually get dressed until probably about 4pm. Who knows; I don't keep track of time well, so I missed the potato digging lesson and was very late for Jami's peach pie w/vanilla ice cream. But that's what happens when I allow myself to sleep in until about 11:30am. Lately, my sleep has been very on and off; I wake up every two hours for no good reason, except to possibly die again by falling down the stairs while descending to pee.

Jami also moved into her new room, which looks GREAT. The curtains aren't great, but I think they're pretty good for me (not a seamstress) and the machine (broken). Today, I had two nosebleeds (allergies are kicking my ass), and realized that maybe part of my health issues here are related to being dehydrated. But I got a package yesterday from my sister w/Korean mosquito repellent (2 kinds!) and today finally finished the print "collaborative" that I've been promising Jeremy I'd finish. Once my camera batteries are charged up, you'll see them. B/c I had to clean up all my ink w/kerosene, I went to the burn barrel and burned all of my trash immediately. On the way back home, I picked some mint from the garden. Mmm.


  1. Kerosene?!? Good lord, girl, get yoself some vegetable oil!

  2. ellie8:14 PM

    i LOVE the curtins!

  3. hahaa. i FORGOT about the corn oil i used on the vandercook @ oxbow...but it didn't work very well. then again, it might have been more an issue of the RAG rather than the oil. but ed told me that it's the best thing to use b/c it doesn't have dioxins. clearly, i had forgotten about crisco and the like.

    thanks for the reminder. i didn't really feel like using kerosene all fall.

  4. Jeez--I'm offline for 48 hours and you've been THIS productive?

    I'm so excited about your K. bug repellant and other goodies.


  5. Are Korean mosquitoes different from the ones here? :)
    I am also a fan of the curtains by the by.

  6. 1) Your life has become a surreal artist's dream! It sounds so amazing out there.

    2) I love the curtains too- very Erykah Badu (sp?).

    3) I want some pie!

  7. Your life IS a surreal artistic dream. I wish I could live a week in your shoes. Ahhhhhh.


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