Saturday, August 19, 2006

"One big love"

is stuck in my head (Emmylou Harris). Too bad I don't have it here. I feel much calmer now. Jami's right: dreams here are much more vivid. Last night I dreamed I bumped into an ex-friend, and was filled w/dread. I showed him a huge, beautiful book that I had made, called "Friends." It was HUGE. A hard cover, big white block letters for the title against a grey cityscape, and then just a whole book about all of my friends. Each chapter was a different one, and they would start the same: pink letterpressed wood type (Cheltenham was the typeface) w/the name, and then just non-paragraphed stories about them. He was hoping he was in the book, but he wasn't. I felt awful the whole time, but also amazed by the book. I kept thinking, "OMG. Did *I* make this book??? It's so gorgeous!"

This morning was soooo luxurious: I sat in a rocking chair in my loft bedroom, the highest point on Art Farm (besides the very top: if you climb a ladder way up to the top and open the roof, you can see the Platte River. I haven't done it yet but promise I will, and w/my camera so you believe me), and just read until noon. I read Jami's book, Instant Love, and had green tea from mom. She's making pie today and we will indulge in an hour or so. Four boxes came via UPS yesterday! So now I have a few more clothes and underwear, shoes, soap, floss, spices, seeds, and ART SUPPLIES. Thank goodness. I was worried that I'd just be either naked or wearing the dirtiest clothing for the entire weekend, reading books that Jami's editor sent to the farm, eating bland food.

I got bitten last night on my finger and chin, and got to see the lighting travel across the land and then a bout of rain. Ed did a short tour of the farm and all the great outdoor art, but we had to stop b/c it got so dark. Though I also love the darkness, and trying to make my way with night vision. The best news: I've already picked my site for what I'll work on here. It's AMAZING. An old red barn, on higher supports so that it's sitting off the ground, with air spaces everywhere since it's mostly skeleton on top. As you might have imagined, I want to HANG inside the space. I have to take my violin inside and see how that feels, too. But regardless, it's magical in there. Ed said that I lit up and came alive as soon as we ducked under and were in the space. Eventually, the barn will get filled in and be the art gallery. But for now, it's my haunt!

Time to unpack some more. I can't wait until the camera comes w/my suitcase on Monday.


  1. ellie7:02 PM

    it sounds so exciting i want to be there with you... i'm so glad you have a step in your voice of motivation and happiness- relaxation i haven't heard from you in a while. like you are here and this is what you have and you aren't complaining or worrying about what isn't there. maybe you can sleep in a mosquito net? i'm happy you are umung artists. and you have a place to live for a while. with someone who makes PIES!!!! yummmmmy!

  2. This sounds like such an amazing experience. A pie-making friend, UPS boxes, and alone time in a loft: wow. I hope you get to make lots of art while you're there. Can you post pictures of the "Friends" book?

  3. The residency sounds worth it for the dreams alone! I always thought there was some strange brain function that kept people from being able to read in their dreams but it sounds like you overcame that hurdle.

    It already sounds like this will be an incredible time.

  4. aw, paulette. it was a dream. i didn't make the book in real life.

    you SO would have heard about it if i had!


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