Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I still run myself too hard

Five boxes are now in UPS's hands; one home and four to Nebraska. I still have inordinate amounts of luggage I'm taking tomorrow, but that's just the way it goes. I did two loads of laundry, had both UPS guys be very helpful in my packing/shipping process (explaining the artmaking on a farm thing is always fun), and ran around a lot between Tam's apt, her basement unit, and the dumpster.

I feel awful, but have to head to school: I finally made this silly little "materials board" of how I made my bricks, for a show that goes up in Chicago when I'm away. I know, it's SO 7th-grade poster project. But it's about the best I can do right now, and I'd rather this than NOTHING, besides my chunk of wall that goes in the show. I'm tempted to take another nap, but am afraid I won't make it to school before they close (due to my irrational anxiety; I never oversleep like that. But I always worry that I will).

It feels good to have all that crap gone, but putting all my CDs into case logics last night was really difficult for me. I've held out for over a decade, but the jewel cases finally all had to go. I couldn't tell if I was pushing myself too far, but maybe it'll be good for me. I mean, I have to accept this rootless lifestyle that I've chosen. I also realize that my intense, lifelong desire to own very little material goods is sometimes just as bad as being a rampant materialist. YAwn. It's also funny that I can only take care of myself properly when my outer mom is around to force me to stay in bed.

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  1. I love the brick poster. Don't even make fun of it.


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