Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I am hunger

AND I'm hungry. This morning started out well: got up earlier b/c I opened all my shades so the sun blinds me, figured out a better yoga spot, and then took two trips to the mailbox after making lots of custom mail for Gili. I also made these two books after Ed chopped down the wood for the covers.

But I got NO "work" done on my computer (applications and such) and also ate way too much PB&J triscuits and a HUGE pot of ramen noodles. Which reminds me, I think I want a lot more. Oh, but at least I had fresh mint tea from the garden, though I had to fight the bugs for the mint. I've spent about 4.5 hours today on the computer, trying to do web revamping stuff for my work exchange, but of course, the computer crashed HARD b/c of my music or something, so I had to take an hours-long break in between work sessions. Now I can barely see. And I'm hungry again. More PB&J? Maybe...


  1. have I mentioned how excited I am?

  2. yes! i'm excited, too. i love the pony express. or however it is that something gets from my hands to someone else's.


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