Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hot and itchy

Okay, so hopefully this will work. We've been having major internet connectivity issues lately. But our coping mechanisms are pretty good. Jami has been making lots of things w/too much sugar. Yesterday, she made chocolate chip cookies. I didn't eat any dinner, but I had a lot of cookies. And that was on top of the leftover pie I polished off yesterday. Talk about sugar crashes. This is my view from my roof, so you can see the barn that died in a storm, and beyond that the red barn where I'm going to perform. [the building I live in is actually four barns put together.]

Today, I woke up all dizzy again. I don't know why, b/c the only manual labor I did was sweep and vacuum a very dusty room that Jami will move into, in the farmhouse. I was up really late, though, fighting w/the internet connection, to get a pdf of the poster I did for Jami's reading, which will be here on Sept 7. I was pretty proud of my use of minimal Indesign skills, though, and in the end, we ended up w/something that can't deny my formal training in yearbook layouts from Herff Jones. [embarrassing fact of the day: I was editor-in-chief, and started the "tradition" of going to yearbook CAMP, in Gettysburg, and even came home w/some kind of prize for doing such good layouts. According to formula.] But after reading, minimal yoga/meditation, I actually sat down and bound a book. It's not great, but I finally made something!

My task for Jami's new room is to sew curtains. So I went to the farmhouse today, which I think is the FIRST time I've actually been outside during the day here (I probably got sunburnt; it's bright today). I stopped at the garden and got a few tomatoes, and also stole some eggs from Jami's fridge (she's the chicken keeper), and then took measurements for the curtains. They're going to have chickens and chicks on them! Brilliant. Can't wait to see how this sewing machine works. My legs are all itchy now, though, from walking through grass.


  1. more more more i can't get enough of you and nabraska. i'm addicted. maybe you can mosquito spray yourself before you go to bedie-by?

    i miss you and i love the view you have. it's so willa cather. which reminds me of OBERILN. sigh sigh.

    post more more more i cant get enough. it helps my homesick feeling somehow.

  2. are you kidding?? mosquito spray, heavy, at night, doesn't work at all. but crazy this: one of the rooms in the farmhouse is the willa cather room b/c it looks like a room she describes in my antonia!!

    i wish we could talk. but i will do my best to keep posting. love you. HUGS.

  3. i'd rather stink, smell like chemicles and SLEEP rather than be bitten all night long. maybe there is some potion you can make to put on or by you while yousleep....??? or just a net?

  4. me, TOO. i would use the spray if it helped. but i doused myself w/it in bed and w/in minutes, the bugs were still after me.

    there are mosquito nets around; i've just been too lazy to ask for one and put one up. they always affect my sinuses.


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