Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fast facts

I know. My Photoshop "skills" are laughable. But clearly, I'm in a procrastinating kind of mood (I have this goal of finishing up all my "loose ends" this week, which include about five applications, even though I don't have enough slides for all of them). I managed to get some sleep even though nights in my cupola bedroom are very cold now. I've added some more pictures to the landscape shots around here.

Fun facts that I've learned since I've arrived:
1. Putting off a shower for three days makes the shower THAT much more satisfying.
2. It's better to walk 2.5 miles instead of 4 (I mean, who are we trying to impress here? The huge rolls of alfalfa? The corn rows? The three-car garage down on N Road?)
3. Assasin bugs have beaks to kill other bugs. They also really like hanging out in my bed.
4. Mosquito populations skyrocketed after the invention of these awful farm irrigation systems that pump out tons and tons of water, which just pools on the ground. And I thought sprinklers were bad.
5. The best way to discard plastic is to bury it.
6. Just b/c you survive a smoking book and drill press session, doesn't mean that you'll avoid almost chopping off your finger while cutting peaches (thank god for violin callouses).
7. I could easily eat bags and bags of tortilla chips daily.
8. Linseed oil-covered rags will probably spontaneously combust.
9. Bugs around here have so much to eat outside that leaving food and crumbs out isn't a huge issues (doesn't matter - even if it was spotless in here, they'd still rule the roost).
10. Jami named two of the three chickens: Truman Capote and Princess Fluffypants.
11. This is my housecleaning art so far: things I'm making to get rid of things and clear my head/space before getting to the "real thing."
12. Scrubbing the toilet and shower to a cleaner state makes for a happier resident.
13. "Everything here is so rich." -Jami
14. Buffalo gnats will go for your eyes and ears.
15. "I feel confused." -cranky Jami on a dreary day
16. I will send you mail if you send me mail: Art Farm, 1306 W 21st Road, Marquette, NE 68854
17. I am performing here during the Art Harvest on October 27: book your flight now!
18. "Dreams are more vivid here." -Jami [which reminds me, I've been told in my dreams that I should travel the world and go to operas in different countries. Does every culture even DO opera??]


  1. the chickens names are hillarious. You know I just finished reading a capote book AND my cat's full name is Cornelius Pufflepants Junior. Kind of a coincidence. But not really.
    Also, I looked at your flicker pix and the corn wearing pants was completely frightening. Very midwest.
    What are you dreaming about?
    Last night I dreamt I biked over a cliff with a childhood friend and I kept telling her to land on her butt so she wouldn't get hurt. When we landed, we were brought to the hospital. Everyone wanted to show us our injuries but I felt like I'd get sick if I saw them. What does it all mean?

  2. i was dreaming about all sorts of things. very disturbing dreams about friends i am no longer friends with, and then friends i love who took very good care of me - both in waking and in dreaming life, and family. funny that when you ask, now i forget. but they ARE very vivid, since nothing else is that vivid - no tv or movies or anything.

    i know. corn dude is quite something. he's the first art you see as you drive into art farm.

    i'm no dream analyst, but i think that there's a lot you could pull from that one. driving into the unknown, taking beings w/you and trying to take care of them, forward moving, forward moving.

  3. whoops! i was a little off: art harvest will be on Oct 28 and 29. so i have to perform 2x!


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