Friday, August 04, 2006

Falling out of the sky

OMG!!! I thought I was going to edit all day, but my editor had to work on a different project, so we just quickly went over my tapes and he'll work on it on his own (better for me, I think), which meant I got today to pack. But I haven't started packing, for NY or NE, b/c I came home to a most wonderful letter (like college: the fat envelopes are good): I got another residency, this time at the Vermont Studio Center, for January!!! AYEEEE!!!!! It's insane, how the timing works! I guess I won't be 1. moving to Cali sooner than 2007 and 2. getting a real job sooner than 2007.

Actually, I should be packing for the art fair tomorrow in Crystal Lake that I'm doing, esp since I plan on going to a 6:30pm yoga class tonight, and then meeting Terttu to catch the train to Iga's house in the burbs. But here I am, killing precious beautiful daytime on the computer. I'd just like to put out my other dream for my life, and then I can die feeling like I've been responsible: I want this paper museum in Korea to take my thesis on permanent loan. I mean, wouldn't it make sense? It's paper, I'm Korean-American, and the unconscious structure for it is Cheomseongdae...I just need to find the right connections. Too bad my dad's uncle isn't president of South Korea anymore.

Really, any decent home for my thesis where it's not wrapped in plastic bags would be great. Uh oh - that reminds me that I need to prepare a part of it for a show I'm in for the fall in Chicago. Yipes!


aimee said...

i forgot to mention: BIG PROPS to tam, for insisting that i apply to this one. i almost gave up around deadline time, for various reasons, but she was like, you have to apply b/c my friend went and loved it! yay. i am very, very lucky, friend-wise.

Anonymous said...

THIS IS SOOOO COOOLLLL!!!! i love it. you will be so cold in JAN in Vermont!! yippy. bundled up and full of joy. that sounds good. how long will you be there? so that frames nabraska you go sept-dec? or go to nyc for holliday land and then to vt. that should be easy.

your comment about your uncle made me laugh. it made me think if it was the real old days and he was a king then you'd be a princess. :) that sounds like a good roll to have right now in life. announcing the arrival of PRINCESS AIMEE!!!!!

Gili Warsett said...

Congratulations on Vermont!!! That's so great!!! I'm so excited for you. You're so busy doing art! That's got to be the best feeling. Don't forget to be proud of yourself.

polarchip said...

Congratulations ! Vermont is so freaking beautiful. You really know how to pick the residencies! Worth the delay getting you to the West Coast.

Video editing is a task best done by one person... if you have multiple people editing then toes just end up getting stepped on.

You're perfect for the Korean museum! OMG, you'll be an internationally acclaimed artist!!