Friday, August 25, 2006

Attitude adjustments

Last night was very difficult; very little sleep. Too hot, too buggy, stayed up too late reading about people trapped in the Andes for 72 days and then felt like I was in survival mode, too. So I was kind of a mess when Jami came to pick me up to go to Grand Island. Our search for a good breakfast went bust, but we found some good things at Goodwill (like this dress) and had killer tacos from a mural-covered drive thru. We just finished painting the trim and doors this afternoon; hopefully we can move the furniture back in and get the room to liveable very soon. It's cooling, but I'm freaked out b/c it will likely rain, which to me no longer means cooler weather and less allergies. It means LOTS of mosquitoes.

I'm frustrated right now (though the meat in the taco and some serious peanut butter helped - I've been really weak the past few days and I think it might be a protein deficiency) w/my days. I don't feel productive or motivated to do anything. I still haven't checked my credit card statement b/c I just can't deal. I wish I could just accept the bugs and not fight so hard to not get bitten, but 1. my body is discomforted easily and 2. I have a hard time working when my body is in discomfort. I keep thinking about how Shawn told me I wasn't allowed to complain at all about being here. And I'm not; I'm just getting to know myself better. Like these facts about my survival essentials:

1. plenty of sound sleep (8.5 hours being ideal, but I think I can do 7 if I get a 12-hour night once a week)
2. well-balanced & well-timed meals (as much as I wish I could be a vegetarian, I have to have meat at least once or twice a week)
3. regular exercise (1 to 1.5 hrs/day) and meditation (at least 15 min/day)

Hm. Writing that out just calmed me down. Those aren't too unreasonable.


Anonymous said...

i'm serious get some mosquito spray... or lotion... or those candles.

nesday is in the dog er all night. she ate david' ibeprophen and we had to leave her there. the cheepest we could do was 360$. they wanted us to leave her there for 48 hrs and charge over 800$.

all ya'all with dogs make sure to put your ibuprofen far away from your dog!!!!

so no nesday snoring tongiht to wake me up. i'm depressed.

aimee said...

ELLIE-JO!!! poooooor nesday. how is she now? i knew there must have been a reason that i wanted to call you this a.m. but i still haven't figured out this crazy headset thing for calling real phones.

Anonymous said...

she's home and OK. there was a thunderstorm that kept her up all night this past night.

we have to take her this am to get the cathater thing taken out of her leg. she's been wearing thoes elizabethan dog helmet things. she keeps bumping into things.

i'm glad she's home. they gave her this gross liquid stuff under her skin and it has all saged to the front of her so she looks like she has breast implants.

after this thing i've decded to not teach yoga and pilates for 15 a class at the rec center where i was really a "student" worker. that's what they all were really. and it was like a walking line of treadmills and tvs. it just didnt' feel right but it houghti was just crazy. but i sent an email yesterday saying no thank you. so i'll get to be home at lunch with nesday.

this woman we met says she's a dog first, then a breed, then an indivigual. i get it but i'm not sure how to apply it...

lovely photos i love the one looking thorugh the door out the field the best. sounds fun. like an oberlin co-op somewhere.

Anonymous said...

oh no, those pesky state birds, mosquitoes that is! you definitely need to sign a truce with every one of them or arm yourself to the teeths to repell them all (ah, females, females...).
here's a link that might be useful to select your arsenal:Mosquito_Mgmt

there's supposedly a computer application that works like a M-repellent (anti-mosquito), though it's effectiveness is not proved.

good luck and good night! greetings!r2r
ps.No Me Moleste Mosquito!

Paulettasaurus said...

This dress is GORGEOUS. I'm so jealous.