Wednesday, July 19, 2006

So much to do in the woods

Wheee! Too much to report. I wanted to post pictures but don't think that's nice computer etiquette when you're always using someone else's. Anyhow, we're just a half-week away from finishing this paper class, but Ox-Bow asked if I could stay an extra week b/c they're short on manpower. So I agreed: 20 hrs of work (probably in the kitchen) in exchange for room, board, and a studio! As much as I complain about bugs, heat, humidity, sun exposure, sweat, etc., it still is nice to be here. I just saw the black wax sculpture that a fellow here is working on from a cast she made off of the front of my body (right under the navel to right above the knees). That was fun to do and fun to see the product that came of it. The students in my class are great, the food is still excellent, and I still have a hard time sleeping. But it's all good. Andrea's family is up here now and it's so fun to see the kids running around. I've even gone into the lagoon twice! Hopefully soon I will canoe.

I was thinking of going to bed early tonight to get up early tomorrow so I can pull paper before anyone gets there. But now I doubt it will happen b/c I've been on the computer so long and have been talking to lots of great people. Time to return this lovely laptop.


polarchip said...

Sounds fantastic! Wow! Maybe you can go back there for a while after Nebraska too? Personally, I love being "away from it all." If you could just find a way to get computer/internet and cell phone reception.

Gili Warsett said...

what you're doing sounds incredible. there's something so glamorous about being away from everything and surrounded by your art and other artists.

TK said...

Who are you? Enjoying kids, waiting to go canoeing? Where did Aimee go?

I'm missing you, but I'm glad you are having a good (and productive) time in Michigan.

Paulettasaurus said...

It sounds like you're doing so well. I really admire you for rising to the challenge of all the cauldron minding and other weirdness. It's so worth it.