Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Household delights

What I forgot to say yesterday: Tam and I had salad lunches on the grass in Wicker Park yesterday, when the weather was SO gorgeous (hot in the sun, cool in the shade, lotsa breeze, low humidity), and then went back to sit on her porch, where I read one of her knitting books and she knitted a swatch. I was reading in the book about blankets, and realized what kind of blanket person I am: I tote around bedding from home, always. I don't like having to buy new sheets and never even consider buying blankets or duvets or whatever, b/c I grew up thinking that mom had an endless supply, and so why bother? Since everything old is better (now that I'm old) - things nowadays are just not built to last. So, I'm kind of scared about what happens when this old quilt that I made w/mom about 8 yrs ago just dies (it's undersheet is ripping at the bottom). I lay in bed last night, unable to sleep b/c of fireworks noise, thinking of what clothes I have left that I can patch together. I told Tam I'd just make a quilt in Nebraska, on the prairie.

Then, we shift to the things I'm attached to that are completely unintelligible to me: electronics. The left one is Anne's and the right is mine: I just picked it up this morning, new logic board and all! I'm still installing the OS right now and SO nervous. Which is why I moved Anne's closer - so I can babysit mine and give it emotional support. I like to think that if my iBook gets up and running soon, AND I get back on track w/meditation in the mornings, then I'll feel like I have my legs and arm back and won't feel so crazy. I'd also like to report really exciting news: this morning, I 1. pumped gas into Anne's car (listen, I'm from NY where it's illegal to pump your own, so I've done it probably less times than I have fingers on one hand), 2. got change for a dollar (I don't like asking for quarters), 3. cleaned the bird shit off of the windshield (the last and only time I tried to squeegee w/one hand, I failed miserably and couldn't even do it w/ disappointing, after a life of marveling at the guys at the gas station who'd do it lightning speed), and 4. put air in her tires (okay, so the dude painting the air machine did it, but I screwed off the first cap, which got my hand really dirty. And we didn't have a gague, but hey - it's a lot better than it was)!!! I then came home and did a load in the dishwasher and the washing machine, and did my pranamaya and meditation routine. I may be the worst roommate ever, but I make a pretty good housewife.


aimee said...

AND...i brought the baby crib down to basement storage & patched the back fence so punky can't get into the alley and run away from home. and finally learned what a logic board really is! plus, my editor was super nice and we'll meet up after michigan to cut.

Gili Warsett said...

It's kind of amazing that you have an editor. I don't know what that means, but I'm amazed.
I love old blankies and quilts. Yours looks amazing. Miles has one on our bed and Cornelius keeps ripping it apart. I'm pretty attached.
Finally, I meant to tell yesterday that I'm jealous of your water addiction. I am definitely a coffee addict and I come from a family that doesn't like water, so I've had to learn to like it. It just feels so boring. But I must admit, once I'm hydrated I feel way better. Tell me what's happening in Michigan, why the move?

aimee said...

that's why i could never have pets. the book said something about how your kids will take their blankets w/them EVERYWHERE, from home to college, to their first apt, etcetc., and that it doesn't matter if it's gross and old and not warm. what i love about homemade ones is that they have stories! this one was the 2nd of 3 quilts i made the summer before my senior yr at oberlin, and i used all old family sheets as the underbelly. the fabric i got w/mom, and it was all wrong, b/c it was for curtains! totally heavy and hard to sew. i based the pattern off of pillows my mom made w/our japanese neighbors at the time (one of them now is in tokyo but her dad is in NEBRASKA managing the kawasaki plant there!), and pieced it. mom quilted it while i went away somewhere, and then i finished all the edges. the inside was an old electric blanket that my mom ripped all the electric things out of.

and the water thing! my parents used to worry that i would drown myself internally (apparently, it's possible to overhydrate yrself), b/c i always woke up and immediately drank an enormous glass of water. having a small bladder makes the habit difficult, but i won't ever give it up. my parents kindly hid their caffeine habit from me, so i didn't know until oberlin that coffee and soda were addictive. i had an old violin teacher who used to try to make me drink coffee, but i hated the taste. same w/beer.

and michigan - i answered that on yr blog.

Paulettasaurus said...

Lovely blankie.

And you are such the STUD with all of your car errands! Air in the tires definitely trumps my AC installation bragging rights.

P.S. I saw your website for the first time and it's *besutiful*.

Gili Warsett said...

miles and i were hoping you could give us some tips on places to go in chicago. we know very little, so any input would be super.