Sunday, July 02, 2006

The face of Saturn Return

Anne was snapping these at the zoo yesterday. I look happy b/c 1. I am sitting down 2. the sun has gone away 3. I'm talking to Ellie as she drives up to Oregon for some R&R before her wedding. I woke up this a.m. w/full-body aches and pains and couldn't understand why. Then I remembered all the heavy lifting I was doing the last two days. But I feel better - today I get to see Barbara, who's in town from NYC, and then maybe yoga and a bbq at Cristal's. It'll be like my "day off."


  1. I'm really appreciating your color combo in this picture. the umbrella with the shirt and pants is super styling. speaking of me having the day off, when do you get one? i hope it's soon.

  2. YOU LOOK SO CUTE! You should use that pic next to your artist statement and all your avatars.

  3. haha. i guess today is kind of like my day off - therapy and yoga are all the "scheduled" things on my plate. tho i should really sort thru my art stuff, call my editor, and work on applications...

    p.s. - the shirt is the lava whole one! from the lava show e & p and i went to in nyc.

  4. Anonymous4:19 PM

    it's nice to see what you look like when you talk to me: all pretty and pink!!! love you!


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