Saturday, June 24, 2006

What I meant to say

After I glue down paper on the covers of the book, and open it against me so I can glue up the pastedowns, the feeling of the paper sweating as it leans on my chest is like holding Oscar. Making this edition is hard, b/c it's a book about me and my mom. Mostly me, by looking at what she did to make me physically more "perfect." Setting the type and seeing the words print and proofing them - trying to be a good editor - was more challenging than I thought. The first two editions, it didn't phase me as much. But as I was binding all day yesterday, I just felt more and more love for this book, which I purposely made as cool as possible (cool in tone, color, etc. - b/c it is so fraught in content). It reminded me of cooking, how the emotions & intent you have while cooking all manifest in the food. It's the same w/making work, and it felt good to get to a place w/this long process where I could feel a lot of love for it, the process, as well as the book.

Time to head back down to the studio.

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  1. this is a beautiful post. too tired to articulate, but your description of how you make art and how it makes you feel really moved me.


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