Friday, June 02, 2006

Pure advertising

I'm so embarrassed that Tamara is better at promoting me than I am. I'm just soooo tired from the move that I'm lucky I've actually spun some shifu today. I've never done it before; Robbin had told me that master shifu makers just put the paper that's cut into long skinny strips on a table, roll it around w/their hands, and that's that.

I just took the nine-foot paper I had, cut it into strips, wet it as I worked, and spun it between my fingers and thumb. After doing that once or twice, I decided I'd die from hand cramps, so I eventually started to roll it w/my palms on my bare thighs. That worked a lot better. So these images are from that process. I'll write "IN" or "OUT" on the ends, and then they'll all be hanging off a piece braided around my neck (all conjecture at this point). Then people will get to come and take the INs and OUTs and replace them as I sit with new INs and OUTs that I'll hold in my hands.

Oh, which comes to the promoting part: I'm premiering this piece at the Printer's Row Book Fair this weekend, at noon on Sunday (June 4) and possibly again at 2:30pm. I'll be at the Columbia College tent, near Dearborn and Harrison. I'll also be selling books and whatnot both days: Saturday from 10am - 2pm and Sunday from 2pm - 6pm. It's a great fair, so you should just come if you're in the city, regardless of when I'm there.

p.s. - if anyone DOES come to see me perform, I forgot to book a photographer, so come and take pictures! And then send them to me!

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