Thursday, June 22, 2006


This morning, at city hall, in NY!!!

OMG!!! (not a huge surprise, but kind of. She called me first but the voicemail didn't get to me until now, when I got the email. So first I was mad, like, "WHAT?? how can you EMAIL me this kind of news???" But then I realized she called. No idea why my phone didn't register it, b/c I was totally up and in range.)

Now I feel SO GUILTY about not being there (b/c Breda is doing her wedding stuff now and I'm not there...ugh). Bad friend, bad sister. All b/c of financial & studio crunch time crap. UGH.


  1. again, i must interject and say i am almost 100 percent sure you are not a bad sister and i am very sure you are not a bad friend.

  2. Holy ____! Congrats to your sister! You must be so proud! Don't feel bad about missing it. Civil services are usually not meant to be huge affairs, anyways. I'm happy for you. :) You're a sister-in-law now.

  3. well, i know i couldn't have been there b/c of my sister's, b/c they only knew last night they were going to get married in the a.m. it's like my friend says, i just like beating up on myself. need to stop that habit.

    i just got the pics now, so how do you like my after-the-post picture of the enormous rock? hahaaa. my sister should totally be a hand model. that's the sun setting on the palisades of the hudson river - they went out to dinner w/my mom.

    i have a brother-in-law now! funny. never had a brother. never will have another brother-in-law.

  4. wow, you were not kidding about the ring.


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