Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Knew I was forgetting something

I wanted to post before I got caught up in the mire of the day. Well, I already freaked out internally about my ER bill from last year that still isn't resolved. The collection people claim there are always TWO bills when you go to the ER. I remember getting about five thousand at the time, but thought it was all the same. Now, I'm afraid that if it does turn out to be double the price (over $1,000 to get staples?? SO ridiculous. I should have done it myself), that my school won't cover it b/c they'll say it's my fault for not handing over all the bills (if there ARE two bills...I don't know where I put that file b/c it was deep in a "thank god THIS is over!" box, which I think is now in Anne's basement). And then that always reminds me of the really bad stuff that happened that time last year, and then I just get completely devastated by my life.

But. I let myself sleep in until 8:30am, and get to school late. I finished making all the rest of my cyanotypes and refuse to make more. I pulped the fiber I've had soaking forever and almost forced myself to make paper, but caught myself before it was too late. I'm too tired for that. So the plan now for today:

+ clean studio in preparation for moving out (and look, I already started by throwing out all of my brick molds, except two. The garbage can is completely full of the pink foam)
+ meet w/scholarship advisor to submit receipts
+ farmer's market if it's still open
+ yoga if I have the energy


  1. already, i think i'm going to only get half of that stuff done. but two things:

    1. i just had the best buttered pecan gelato
    2. i forgot to say that at the printer's row book fair back when, a woman who bought one of my books LAST year met me and got a bunch more - she loved the last one and took it to italy w/her to paint. i love those stories.

  2. wow. that's such an honor. i love that people love your art. i was just going to hop onto your blog and tell you THANKS THANKS THANKS! i've just been feeling the mfa love coming my way from you. if i could, i would buy you a vat of buttered pecan gelatto.

  3. yeah. i ended up not doing the two other things on the list, and just coming home, then running out to meet tam for pizza, and then to her place and then cinnamon ice cream sundae! so much for the big plans.

    but you're soooooo welcome. the mfa path is a hard one, a tricky one. so little funding, so little respect, so little understanding...but it's SO much one of those degrees you do for yourself, in the best of ways.


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