Friday, June 30, 2006

End of an era

1. As of 10:03am today, my edition was completed! WOHOOOOOO!!!! I already sent out one to Oberlin as a donation for a scholarship they gave me for grad school (n.b.: my undergrad alma mater gave me lots of money to go to grad school, but my grad alma mater gave me not even enough to pay for one class. What's wrong w/this picture?), and contacted the Joan Flasch collection at the School of the Art Institute, where another will go. And another to the Asian Arts Center b/c they gave me money to finish the edition.

2. Even though I felt awfully sick and feverish and weak and sweaty (I got to school at 8:30am thanks to Anne - hitched a ride w/her) after about five hours of sleep, I kept working in the studio to make my silly last set of prints on pink paper made from Anne's sheets and some other scraps. They're not anything good, but pretty good for being sick and sleep-deprived!

3. After all that, I got some lunch and then started to pack my studio. I'm giving up on bagging my bricks: they're getting loaded into the car naked b/c I can't deal w/making the contractor bags bigger w/cutting and taping. Forget it; I'm way too tired for that. I feel badly b/c Joseph is riding home on the train to get the car, driving thru traffic to come back to school and then load the car, for what will mostly likely be TWO trips. Ow. Not ideal, but oh well. I feel like I should ride home w/a bag of bricks, but I'm really exhausted and think people smashed into rush hour trains won't appreciate my extra load. But here I am, to the bitter end. Just got my tapes from my thesis from Nathalie so I can stop putting off calling my editor to take care of them. It might be too late; I know he's really busy this summer. These are the times I wish I just made a little book for my thesis.

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